Scope Of Exhibits
1) Boilers and Related Products & Technology
1.1) Various Kinds of Boilers
  • Conventional Fuel Boilers
    Coal-fired boilers, organic heat transfer material boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers, etc.
  • Gas Utilization Technologies and Products
    Gas-fired boilers (including condensing boilers), wall-hung gas furnace, home / commercial gas-fired heating boilers, etc.
  • Electric Heating Boilers
    Electric heating boilers, electric heating elements and safety control installation, etc.
  • Exhaust-heat, Exhaust-gas Utilization Technologies and Products
    Solid wastes, incineration technology and systemic equipment, waste heat recovery boilers, exhaust gas utilization equipment, etc.
1.2) Burning Technology and Products
  • Burners
  • Stoker grates
  • Burner spare parts (Oil pumps, nozzles, pressure switches, etc.)
1.3) Boiler Auxiliaries
  • Boiler water treatment equipment
  • Boiler and heat supply system controlling automatic installation, boiler performance monitoring and testing equipment and devices
  • Pump, valves and fans
  • Refractory materials
1.4) Energy-saving & Emission Reduction Technology and Products
  • Oil saving and coal saving technology (including energy saver, coal economizer, etc.)
  • Heat accumulators, heat-exchangers
  • Condensing water recovery system technology and equipment
  • Exhaust gas recovery system technology and equipment
  • Clean coal
  • Coal screening and preparation technology
  • Flue gas purification equipment: dust remover, desulphurization and denitrification, etc.
1.5) Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Piping Manufacturing, Erecting Equipment and Materials
  • Welding & cutting technology and equipment
  • NDT technology and equipment
  • Specialized manufacturing equipment
  • Steel pipes and section steel
2) Boiler Replacement Products & Solutions
2.1) Distributed Energy Technology and Equipment
2.2) Other Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) Technology and Products
2.3) Various Kinds of Heat Pumps (industrial waste heat, air source, water source, ground source, etc.)
2.4) Gas Radiant Heating / Heating Equipment
3)Biomass Energy Products and Technology
3.1) Solid Biomass Pellet Fuel Preparation Equipment
3.2) Bio-Liquid Fuel Preparation Systems and Equipment
3.3) Bio-Gas Fuel Preparation Systems and Equipment
3.4) Biomass Fuel
3.5) Biomass Boilers
  • Biomass solid fuel boilers
  • Biomass-fired boilers
  • Efficient and low-emission biomass (semi-) gasification boilers
  • Biomass heating equipment
3.6) Burning Equipment for Biomass Boilers
3.7) Biomass Boiler Feeding System Equipment
3.8) EMC for Biomass Energy
3.9) Biomass Drying Equipment
3.10) Biomass Furnaces
4)Thermal Equipment and Technology
4.1) Industrial Burners
4.2) Industrial Heating Furnaces
4.3) Drying Equipment
4.4) Industrial Hot Air Blowers
4.5) Oil Heating Furnaces
4.6) Heat Accumulators, Heat-exchangers
4.7) Auxiliary Equipment
  • Pump, valves and fans
  • Instrumentation
  • Automatic control system
  • Combustion control system
  • Monitoring equipment