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Five Key Words Full Analysis of Shanghai International Exhibition on Heating Technology
Publish Date: 2019/07/16
Shanghai International Exhibition on Heating Technology (HEATEC 2019) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on November 25-27. As the only professional heating technology exhibition for the end-users within the industrial and commercial sectors in Asia, HEATEC has become a one-stop heating platform integrating environmental boilers, low-nitrogen energy-saving products, heat pumps and other green heating products and biomass energy technology. In 2019, HEATEC will be fully upgraded. Five key words will take you start from the "NEW"!

Key Word 1: New Site
HEATEC 2019 and its subordinate thematic exhibitions namely BOILER SHANGHAI, BIOTEC, PV-TEC and THERMMOTEC will be moved to the upgraded venue - Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) for the first time. It presents a full-industry chain of heating technology in the hall E5 and E6, the exhibition area has increased by 22 % over last year. At that time, it will attract more than 250 famous domestic and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, and more than 12,000 visitors. It will light up a hot whirlwind in the cold winter.

Key Word 2: New Opportunities
2019-2020 is the peak period for the china government to focus on the transformation of high-emission and high-pollution boilers. 15 provinces and cities including Shanghai, Hebei, Tianjin, Harbin, Gansu, Henan, and Shandong have issued corresponding renovation and subsidy policies. With the full progress of the renovation project, the supply demand for products in the five major aspects of boiler body, combustion system, smoke exhaust system, automatic control and safety monitoring protection system has increased significantly. Heating industry has begun to warm up. At the time of the new round of environmental protection storms, the HEATEC 2019 will also welcome a large number of boiler reform units and construction units. In addition, three large-scale industrial exhibitions will be held in conjunction with HEATEC 2019. These concurrent exhibitions covering the realms of “Food and Packaging”, “Textile and Dyeing” and “Intelligent Manufacturing” will also promote a large number of high-quality industrial end users and buyers of HEATEC.

Key Word 3: New Zone
According to the investigation, "Heat pump dual supply system" has gradually been recognized and popularized in the southern region of China. More and more communities and villas have begun to use heat pump products, so that environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heat pumps have become the new directions of south china. In order to improve the heating structure, HEATEC 2019 will add "Heat Pumps and Other Green Heating Products Zone” to satisfy the diversified heating needs. In addition, in response to the country calls, gradually realize "coal free" heating, using clean energy, HEATEC 2019 will focus on "New Energy Boilers and Electric Heating Products", combining waste heat recovery technology to minimize the emissions of harmful substances and control environmental pollution.

Key Word 4: New Exhibitors
After years of full swing development by the organizers, HEATEC has been highly recognized by many leading companies in terms of influence and professionalism. This year, HEATEC 2019 also welcomed the strong participation of many well-known domestic and foreign companies - Kenuo Boiler, Inovisen Heating Technology, Hailu, Brilliance Heating (British), Jixiang Boiler, HD Boiler, Estepup, Te'an Boiler, Elco, Max Weishaupt (Germany), Saacke (Germany), Bairan, Baite Burner, Ecoflam, Bohui Thermal, Keneng, BFI (German), Limpsfield (British), Watt, Huaheng, Nanyuan Pump, Rocksensor, Delian Technology, Xingrun Technology, Polytechnik (Austria) etc. They will show up with the latest products and advanced technology onsite!

Key Word 5: New Cooperation
HEATEC 2019 will launch "Business Matching Service" to provide targeted one-to-one matching services for professional audiences such as boiler and heating equipment dealers, real estate developers, engineering and installation companies, and end users for the first time. It can effectively build a bridge of communication between the exhibitors and the audience before the exhibition begins, so that it can better achieve the effects of join in the exhibition. In addition, the Organizers will join hands with the China Energy Conservation Association Heat Pumps Professional Committee and Shanghai Energy Saving Engineering and Technology Association, cooperate with Heat Pumps and other Green Heating Products Zone, several simultaneous forum events covering topics about "Development of Heat Pumps Heating System in South China" , "Application of Commercial Boilers and Heat Pumps Technology in Hotel Industry", “Green Heating Innovation Technology” will be held to maximize the benefits of the exhibition.

HEATEC 2019 Visitor Pre-registration System and Group Registration are now officially online. You can sign up on HEATEC official website or follow the official Wechat. All pre-registered audiences will get free admission certificates, exempt from on-site queuing registration procedures, and will also enjoy a free publication, exquisite gifts or free meals, participating in on-site lottery and other activities.

Creation of Future by Intelligent Heating! Let’s meet on November 25-27, 2019, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, HEATEC 2019!
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