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We are a Finnish family-owned energy and environmental technology company founded in 1961. We specialized in environmental technology with a special emphasis on product research and development work. The main focus of our research and development are on improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy resources. We manufacture and sell • burners and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in the capacity range of 10 kW – 90 MW • industrial heat pumps and water chillers • ground source heat pumps for heating houses The service activities are in an important role throughout the products’ life cycle. Our products are used, e.g. in power plants, pulp and paper, process industry, waste incineration, marine applications, district heating plants, for heating or cooling large buildings and facilities, and for heating private houses. We have production facilities in Finland, USA, China and Russia. In addition, we have sales offices in Brazil as well as more than 70 resellers all over the world.
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Sub 30 mg/nm3 NOx, with low residual oxygen. Capability to go even below 10 mg/nm3 NOx; No external FGR required; No air filter; No frequent maintenance needs; No expensive or fragile materials; Easy to commission and to operate; Burner control system is integrated into the burner; Advanced, user-friendly Oilon WiseDrive 33 burner control system improves combustion efficiency and reduces flue gas emissions; Increased savings and fast payback.

GP-140M WD600I

New inbuilt LMV6 solution Features: FGR Chinese and English language Easy guided commissioning Minimal site wiring and space need due to integrated controls

Chinese only

Oilon ACE燃烧器

Oilon ACE燃烧器,是奥林经多年研发的新型燃烧器,外观时尚、结构坚固、火焰可调,适用于热水锅炉、蒸汽锅炉、热风机型和各种工业供热设备,无论在室内还是室外,甚至易爆环境都有优异的表现。

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