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Beijing Booster Boiler Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, after-sales service and installation. In 1982, Mr. Kim, one of the founders of the company began to focus on the research and development of vacuum boilers. In 1995, Booster introduced vacuum boiler into China. Booster has set a number of precedents in the industry, i.e. install the boiler on the roof, develop double furnace vacuum boiler, modular steam boiler is used in liquor industry and beer industry, it can also be installed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Since 2018, we have teamed up with Tsinghua University to conduct more in-depth R&D on ultra-low nitrogen combustion technology. We have advanced proprietary and patented technology, and have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification. We will continue to be devoted in R&D of energy-saving and environment-friendly boiler with advanced technologies to provide customers with better systematic energy solutions.
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Booster's double furnace vacuum boiler, with membrane wall structure as the main body, uses bimetal composite finned tubes and headers to form the second boiler body for waste heat recovery, which not only improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, but also continues the advantages of one vacuum boiler with multiple functions, the second furnace body is connected with the main body to jointly seal the heat medium water, no oxygen corrosion and scale accumulation, longer service life, and direct supply of the system does not require a heat exchange. Double furnace vacuum boiler, the best choice for energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers.


Booster tubular steam generator adopts a staggered arrangement of matrix tubes coupled with membrane wall without furnace structure, has a fixed steam-water separation limit, ensures that the water volume is less than 30L, and has stable steam dryness and long service life. The post-premixing large-scale flat combustion technology, the combustion flame is composed of many small flames, can quickly reduce the flame temperature and effectively inhibit the production of nitrogen oxides. Fast start-up, low noise, ultra-low nitrogen, high efficiency, Booster tubular steam generator, welcome to consult.


Booster tubular steam boiler adopts finned tube and wide threaded tube to form a membrane wall structure, which retains less water and only takes 3-5 minutes to produce steam, which can save a lot of preheating costs. The boiler is equipped with a high-efficiency energy-saving device, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 98% or more. Air preheating through the interlayer of the furnace body to improve the operating efficiency of the boiler. In modular operation, the number and load of boilers are automatically adjusted according to the needs of the end, and the load changes can be dealt with faster, and the energy-saving effect is more significant.

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