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MIURA INDUSTRIES (CHINA) CO., LTD. is wholly-owned with a registered capital of $55,120,000. Miura Co. Ltd., Japan's leading maker of boilers. Miura is dedicated to making boilers that are friendly to the environment overall and the superb surroundings of the Suzhou Industrial Park in particular. To this end, all-new hardware (high quality, high efficiency and eco-friendly) and software (construction of a maintenance system) technologies, built in Japan, have been implemented. It is our aim to work together for China's economic growth and development by offering products that are compatible with energy conservation and the environmentally friendly measures in China. In April 2020, the most modern MIURA China second factory was built in Suzhou Industrial Park.
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The new furnace structure adopts low temperature combustion technology to reduce the exhaust gas and purge loss. The efficiency is up to 99%. The NOx emission concentration can be as low as 30mg / m3. The steam can be produced in 3-5 minutes

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多台控制系统 BP-201

锅炉房内整套设备的集中监视 2个独立控制系统,单个系统最多可控18台,实现最多36台的自由多台组合 根据蒸汽量需求,智能调整锅炉运行状态 可预设5种运行模式,满足不同的压力负荷要求 当发生通知或故障时,会自动向服务网点传输信号

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硬度泄漏报警器 CMU-324

定时自动硬度检测,杜绝人工操作的误 具有在线检测功能 体积小、质量轻,安装使用方便 免维护,运行成本低

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