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Shanghai Zhuzhuo Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating equipment research and development, production and sales, and commissioning. Condensate pneumatic mechanical devices and traps, pressure relief valves, safety valves, bellows stop valves are widely used in petrochemical, printing and dyeing finishing, water washing, hospital medicine, wood processing, food drying, paper industry, beverage brewing, construction buildings, etc. Industries that use steam energy have helped companies save energy, reduce emissions, and recycle resources.
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The trap is highly energy-efficient and reliable in performance. The system amplifies the gravity of the floating bucket to open the valve flap that is affected by the pressure difference. Since the opening of the floating bucket is inverted, it can prevent damage caused by water hammer, even if the parts are worn, it can still save energy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, can automatically and continuously discharge air and carbon dioxide gas without cold lag or air resistance, unique The design makes it almost free from dirt when working, and can work under back pressure.


Closed-type condensate recovery equipment is convenient and effective to change the condensate produced by the indirect steam heat exchange system to closed-type recovery. It is an updated product of the conventional traditional open-type recovery condensate tank. The recovery characteristics of the condensate recovery device: energy saving and consumption reduction, reduced operating costs, high degree of automation, suitable for different processes, energy saving and environmental protection, improved environmental quality, anti-cavitation, longer equipment and pipeline life, a whole machine, easy installation, Strong adaptability.

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