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LAMTEC develops and manufactures sensors and systems for combustion technology. Reliability, efficiency and highest standards of functionality have defined our range of products for more than 25 years. Having gained the knowledge, we introduced the O2 control into market in 1982. LAMTEC systems increase the efficiency of power plants and combustions, reduce fuel consumption, and particularly decrease the emission of polluting CO2. Doing so, we attach great importance to our in-house development and manufacturing as well as a universal and technician-friendly application of our systems. Our products: Burner Controller(BT300,ETAMATIC,FMS,VMS,CMS), Flamme Scanner (F300K,F200K,F152-FFS07/08, F130i) , O2 oxygen measuring system(LT1-LS1,LT2-LS2,LT3-KS1D,NT1-KS2Dnox), Ignition Systerm(GFI,High-energy Igniters),etc.
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BT300 combines the benefits of an electronic fuel/air ratio control system with up to three motorised actuator elements and optional modules like an analogue output for speed control of the combustion air fan with an electronic burner control unit. The leakage test, flame monitoring system, power control unit and (optional) CO/O2 controller for control and optimisation of an oil or gas-fired forced-draught burner are all integrated. BT300 is suitable for virtually all combustion plants. Safety interlock chains, monitors (e.g. gas and air pressure) and sensors are wired directly to the BT300. This greatly reduces the cost of additional relays and wiring. The BT300 is designed to be attached to the burner. The short wiring paths also save money. As a result, BT300 is particularly suitable as standard equipment for mono-block burners. The compact design of BT300 burner control system also has its advantages during commissioning.


The CMS is a failsafe modular burner control system that can be customised to control combustion systems from simple single fuel burners to complex multi-fuel burners with up to four fuels. The minimum possible configuration is a single MCC which cam provide the functionality of a burner sequencer with bus interface .with the help of configuration software, the inputs and outputs can be assigned required to predefined functions for a gas burner (e.g. air pressure monitor, gas pressure monitor for valve leakage test, minimum gas input pressure, etc.). With an oil burner, the terminal assignment may differ from that for a gas burner.CO/O2 control for the burner is also possible using a suitable LAMTEC flue gas analyser/ probe combination. Devices available for configuring parameters and operating the system include the graphical user interface UI400 as well as the touch screen panels GUI607, GUI610 and GUI615 (in three separate sizes).


With the F200K, LAMTEC has developed a compact flame scanner that can be used in a number of di erent areas and for a diverse range of monitoring requirements. With the new generation of fl exible compact fl ame scanners, LAMTEC provides operators of industrial combustion systems and power plants with a state-of-the-art product.As such, the F200K compact fl ame scanner is capable of tackling monitoring requirements for complex modern burners in a safe, e cient and reliable manner.

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