Organizers' Introduction

Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association (CIBB)

Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute Co., Ltd (SIBRI)

Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association (CIBB) is a national trade association representing major boiler manufacturers, boiler auxiliary manufacturers and relevant academic and research institutes in China. Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute (SIBRI) is the standing office and secretariat of CIBB. The functions of CIBB lie on implementation of government policies, helping the government to intensify industry management, facilitating economic and technological interchange and, eventually enhancing the level of boiler industry in terms of energy-saving, materials-saving, environmental protection and safety.

CIBB emphasizes external interchange and has established connections with boiler associations in the USA, UK, Japan and Korea. With inception in 1993, the biennial BOILER SHANGHAI organized by CIBB had been staged for 17 consecutive editions successfully, with good reputation among industry players and overseas suppliers as well as affirmation from government leaders. BOILER SHANGHAI has emerged as the most established and authoritative exhibition of its kind in China.

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd

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