Scope Of Exhibits
Various Kinds of Boilers
Oil-fired (Gas-fired) Industrial Boilers

| steam boiler | hot water boiler | organic heat transfer material boiler |

Oil-fired (Gas-fired) Commercial Boilers

| condensing boiler | gas-fired heating boiler | hot water unit | vacuum boiler | tabular boiler | cast iron boiler, cast aluminum boiler | central hot water unit |

Biomass Boilers
Electric Boilers

| resistance type electric heating boiler | electrode type electric heating boiler | electromagnetic induction heating boiler |

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Technology and Products
Solid Wastes, Incineration Technology and Systemic Equipment
Exhaust Gas Utilization Equipment
Coal-fired Boilers

| industrial pulverized coal boiler | circulating fluidized bed boiler |

Burners and Thermal Equipment & Technology
Boiler Burners
Burner Spare Parts

| oil pumps | nozzles | pressure switches |

Industrial Burners
Industrial Heating Furnaces
Drying Equipment
Hot-blast Stove
Industrial Hot Air Blowers(Heater)
Oilfield Heating Furnaces
Heat Accumulators, Heat-exchangers
Electric Heating Element
Electric Heat Pipe
Electromagnetic Induction Heating Element
Stoker Grates
Boiler Replacement Products and Other Heating Equipment
Industrial and Home Use Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) Technology and Products
Steam Generator
Oil heater / Electric oil heating furnace
Mold Temperature Controller / Electric Heating Mold Temperature Machine / Electromagnetic Heating Mold Temperature Machine
Modular Steam Engine / Steam Heat Generator
Heat Pumps

| industrial waste heat | air source | water source | ground source |

Solar Energy Heating Equipment
Boiler Parts and Ancillary Products
Automation Controlling Equipment

| temperature/pressure/flow measure, control and adjustment |

Safety Devices
Alarm Devices
Heat Pipes
Finned Tubes
Cleaning Equipment
Boiler, Thermal System Control Software
System Energy Statistical Analysis Consultation Diagnosis Software
Boiler Manufacturing Equipment and Raw Materials
Material Handling and Blanking Equipment

| steel pretreatment equipment(sandblasting device)| CNC blanking equipment (flame, plasma, laser, hydraulic) | mechanical blanking equipment (band saw, circular saw, shearing machine) | chamfering machine | edge planing machine |

Metal Forming Equipment

| coiling machine | pipe end molding machine | CNC bending machine | bending machine | edge folding machine | furnace liner forming equipment | expansion and connection equipment |

Welding Equipment

| welding machines | longitudinal ring front welding device | special-purpose welding device for membrane wall, serpentine tube and finned tube | welding positioner | electric roller |

Processing Equipment

| turning | planing | drilling | milling | boring |

NDT Technology and Equipment
Inspection & Examination Instrumentation and Equipment

| materials physicochemical property inspection and testing equipment | thermal environmental performance inspection & examination instruments |

Raw and Auxiliary Materials

| steel plate | section steel | pipes | all kinds of welding materials |

Energy-saving & Emission Reduction Technology and Products
    Energy Saver, Coal Economizer
    Boiler Water Treatment Technology and Equipment
    Condensing Water Recovery System Technology and Equipment
Flue Gas Purification Equipment

| dust remover | desulphurization and denitrification technology and equipment |

Biomass Energy Products and Technology
Solid Biomass Pellet Fuel Preparation Equipment
Bio-Gas Fuel Preparation Systems and Equipment
Burning Equipment for Biomass Boilers
Biomass Drying Equipment
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