Green Low-carbon Technology and Service Zone
Zone Introduction
2024 is a key year to achieve the goals and tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and an important year to fully implement the deployment of the National Conference on the Promotion of new industrialization. In order to achieve the goals, it is not only necessary to promote the green and low-carbon development of industry, prudently promote carbon emission reduction in the industrial field, but also to vigorously develop green and low-carbon industries and comprehensively promote green manufacturing.
HEATEC 2024 will launch green and low-carbon technology and service zone, which is jointly sponsored by Shanghai Low Carbon Technology&Industrial Development Association , Adsale Exhibition Service Ltd., Adsale Exhibition Service (Shanghai)Ltd., aiming to promote the industrialization of low carbon technology, accelerate the green development of industry, and focus on the latest low carbon technology and solutions. Promote exchanges and cooperation among relevant enterprises to further promote the development of low-carbon economy.
Scope of Exhibits
Energy Transformation Efficient use of fossil energy, innovation of clean energy industry, etc. (ground source/air energy heat pump, HVAC, green clean boiler and other multi-energy complementary
Energy saving &Efficiency Improvement Application of new materials, process transformation and technology upgrading; Green low-carbon building, energy saving management, green factory, intelligent energy saving technology, energy saving appliances, intelligent control system, energy saving instruments and equipment, etc
Low-carbon Service Testing and certification, accounting monitoring, academic institutions, green finance, consulting services, etc
Concurrent Forum
There will be a number of high-quality green and low-carbon forums, procurement docking and roundtable dialogues and other wonderful activities. Many industry experts and representatives of leading enterprises will be invited to discuss the latest hot spots in the industry and explore the general trend of low-carbon development.
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